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Vaccinations – On The Road To Losing Our Rights In the U.S.A

This post is about losing our personal & parental rights in the U.S.A. It’s about freedom and the overstepping of government officials who are going against the Constitution that states this is not LEGAL. It is not about your own personal feelings about whether or not you should vaccinate. Six States Removing Exceptions Illinois –Continue reading “Vaccinations – On The Road To Losing Our Rights In the U.S.A”

The Natural Way To Homeostasis



If turning back the hands of time was possible, I would (in a heart beat) now that I know about CBD and ADHD. Here is my story about the effects prescription medication had on one of my children (who is now an adult) and what I would have done differently, if only I had knownContinue reading “CBD And ADHD”


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