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CBD BioCare – What Option Is Best For You?

CBD is one of the fastest growing, yet one the most misunderstood industries that we have witnessed in our life time. Let me ask you, “What is your first thought when you hear the word “Cannabis”?

We strongly believe in educating and walking, hand-in-hand, with those who are willing to learn more about this incredible plant extract that has taken the world by storm.

I am just one among a thousand+ people who have expressed publicly, how CBD has literally changed their lives. CBD BioCare Reviews

“Discovering & Delivering Optimal Solutions Is Our Greatest Goal Met Together”

Essential For Life, Health & Well-Being

Essential Body Systems
Many people are well aware of the many systems in the human body that keeps us alive, healthy and well. I am sure that you have heard of the circulatory system, the endocrine system, and the digestive system, just to name a few.
It wasn’t until 1992 that a system called the Endocannabinoid system was discovered. Scientist have discovered that this system is also essential for life, health, and well-being.

The Endocannabiniod System
The endocannabiniod system, aka ECS, sits at the center of a vast network of receptors (a region of tissue, or a molecule in a cell membrane, which responds specifically to a particular neurotransmitter, hormone, antigen, or other substance)distributed throughout our body. This system sends messages to two types of cannabiniod receptors, CB1 and CB2.

What Is A Cannabinoid?
A cannabinoid is a molecule, (a group of atoms bonded together, representing the smallest fundamental unit of a chemical compound that can take part in a chemical reaction), that activates molecular-messengers, regardless of whether the cannabinoid came from our bodies (an endocannabinoid), or if it came from a plant (a phytocannabinoid). Endocannabinoids activate the same receptors as phytocannabinoids found in Cannabis.

Understanding Our Bodies Cannabiniod Receptors
When receptors interact with a cannabinoid, they send molecular-messages throughout the cells, tissues, organs, and body. A cannabinoid and a cannabinoid receptor can be thought of as a lock and key. A cannabinoid (the key) unlocks the cannabinoid receptor by physically interacting with it-initiating changes in cells and opening the door to enormous medical benefits for the body and mind.

Cannabiniod Receptors CB1
CBD1 Receptors are mainly located in your brain and spinal cord. These receptors mainly interact with Tetrahydrocannabinol, aka THC. This chemical found in cannabis, affects your mental state creating a feeling of relaxation & euphoria (high).

Cannabiniod Receptors CB2
CB2 receptors are mainly located in your immune system. These receptors mostly interact with Cannabidiol, aka CBD. This chemical, found in cannabis, impacts things such as inflammation, sleep, immunity, and pain without the euphoric (high) effect.

The Key Is Choosing The Best Option For YOU

Every door requires a specific key to open an opportunity that is right for you. What is right for me may not be right for you.
CBD BioCare offers you the opportunity to choose which “Key” is right for your specific needs.

Options: Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum, and Isolate

Full Spectrum CBD = means all natural compounds are extracted from a high-CBD cannabis plant, terpenes, flavonoids, essential oils and trace amounts of THC (no more than the federally mandated maximum of 0.3 percent).
⦁ Full Spectrum Products = All Oils & Liquid Capsules

Broad Spectrum CBD = Oil where the THC is removed, as a result other cannabinoids are also extracted from the oil.
⦁ Broad Spectrum Products = Skincare and Pain Relief Balms

CBD Isolate = Ideal for people who cannot take ANY THC
⦁ Isolate Products = Gum and Gummies

Personally, I shy away from the Isolate’s for several reasons.

  1. I believe that a small (trace of THC) has medicinal benefits.
  2. The many natural compounds, such as Terpenes & Flavonoids are important to me.
  3. Gum and Gummies stick to my dentures. πŸ˜†

Let’s Partner Up

CBD is not your typical “one size fits all” type of product. It would be my pleasure to partner up with you personally, one on one, and help you find just the right product for your own unique situation.

Feel free to leave a comment below or, for your convenience, you can use my Contact page here on the site.


I am going to put this out there as nicely as I can. Are you freaking paying attention! I don’t care if you consider yourself a Democratic, a Republican, or an Independent, if you are black, white, purple, or green, ARE YOU PAYING ATTENTION?

I truly believe that God Almighty has given us all brains to think for ourselves, if we would only use them. How many people do you get into a discussion with about politics and healthcare that admit they either:

  • Don’t give a shit or even know what the hell is going on
  • Hasn’t watched a debate, a convention, or a speech from either political party
  • Get’s their information solely from the main stream media, social media, politically motivated medical experts who have been in D.C. too long, and corrupt organizations.

The Most Important Election Of My Lifetime

I am 56yrs old and have never felt so strongly about the importance of an election for the good of all legal, law abiding citizens, who truly love this great nation we call, The United States Of America.

In my opinion, this upcoming 2020 election for the President of the United States & Commander In Chief is the most important election, (in my life time and probably your’s too). People who plan to cast their ballot better be paying attention!

I believe that law abiding, legal citizens of the United States, have rights that come first and foremost! If you break the law, suck it up and pay the price. You hate this country, get the hell out and don’t let the door hit you in the a** as you leave!

Are You Voting In 2020?

If you choose not to vote, πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

what you think! In my opinion, you gave up your right to criticize and bitch when you made the decision not to vote.

If you are one who has been paying attention, and can think for themselves, I would like to share some dialogue with you.

Heads Up About Our Healthcare

If you don’t all ready know, I believe in the right to choose how you address your personal health challenges. I personally choose a holistic approach to improve my own bodies natural ability to heal itself. Although I don’t participate in the currant health care system at this time, it doesn’t mean that I someday may have to rely on it. It also doesn’t mean that I can not have an opinion about it.

We currently have a Political Party who is strongly pushing for Socialized Healthcare for America. Below is a short video explaining 3 Reasons Why Socialized Medicine Is Bad For America’s Health. I hope you will take the time to watch this.

Too Sum This Up

We are at a very critical time in the U.S.A. We have a had a virus invade our country that has become incredibly politicized. I find it very disturbing that all we hear about is vaccinations and very little about how to build up our immune systems to fight off such harmful and deadly diseases from the so called political experts in the medical field.

We have experienced once great and prosperous cites being vandalized, our own brothers and sisters lively hoods being total destroyed, and innocent people/children being killed in the name of “peaceful protests”. It is not uncommon to see, (to some degree), this type of shit happen every 4 years but, if you don’t realize that we have gone over the line these past few months as we draw near to the most important Presidential Election ever in the past 50yrs. You need to start paying attention!

Manners, Morals and Integrity Matters

After struggling for a couple of months with abandoning the natural skin care company that I chose to represent, (because I used them and loved them), I decided to walk away due to a lack of manners, morals and integrity from the “top dog”!

At first things were great. I was apart of this extended family who shared the same goal & passion of sharing a great product line for those interested in an all natural skin care product line.

One day, out of the blue, I because the black sheep of the family.

Photo by Roghi Arabpour on Pexels.com

I Was Banished From The Family

I asked too many questions. I offered too much help to my fellow affiliates within this company. Somehow, I became a threat and a challenger to the owner of the company who began displaying no manners, morals, or integrity. I was banished from the family. Little did I know at the time, I was not alone.

Black Sheep’s Are Common

Apparently, after I began speaking privately with several other affiliates, I had not been the only person who had/has been affected by the unethical, demeaning treatment from the founder and CEO of this company. Silencing voices and removing people from the herd is common practice.

Rise Above It All

Let me just end by saying this, we are blessed by unlimited opportunities that align with our own personal beliefs, work ethics, and passions that lie deep within our souls. There is never a good reason to feel bond to a life of stress and discouragement at the hands of another who displays a lack of manners, morals, and integrity.

Follow you heart but, guard it as well from those with ill intensions such as greed and power. Seek what brings you peace and joy. Eliminate unnecessary stress at any cost. After all Stress Is The #1 Proxy Killer Today.

Stress Free


If turning back the hands of time was possible, I would (in a heart beat) now that I know about CBD and ADHD. Here is my story about the effects prescription medication had on one of my children (who is now an adult) and what I would have done differently, if only I had known better.

Back In The Day

To protect the identity of my child I will refer to him/her as Bug. It wasn’t until about the first few years of elementary school that we began to recognize Bug was having some difficulties sitting still and concentrating while in the class room.

ADHD and CBD For Children

I remember one of the teachers telling us at a parent/teacher conference that Bug was such a good and kind child but was struggling to sit still and concentrate on the tasks of the day. Although a good kid, Bug was disrupting the whole class room.

She decided to allow Bug to stand at the desk when the urge to fidget arose. Now keep in mind, that wasn’t a very “conventional” way of doing things in the class room back then and many people felt that was not the correct way to handle the situation. If my memory serves me right, it helped for a very short time but, it wasn’t enough. πŸ˜₯

Pediatrician & Therapist

I honesty thought I was being a great Mom by taking the kids to the Pediatrician for all their vaccinations…..UGH, all their sniffles & colds, and all their well-checkups. Little did I know back then, my decision to follow the pediatricians recommendation to send Bug to a therapist would bite us in the ass later.

At first, Bug seemed to like the therapist because he took the time to really get to know Bug. The Therapist was a very nice, soft spoken man who made Bug feel comfortable talking about day to day struggles. At first, I was hopeful. Bug was put on some medication and things seemed to be going well.

Periodically, we were instructed to get blood work done. I had no idea why and sadly I did not ask enough questions. Do you know why it is highly recommended to get periodic blood work to be done while taking certain prescription drugs?

I Finally Said “Enough Is Enough”

Enough Is Enough

We began to notice some undesirable things happening. Bug was becoming a zombie. Very little motivation, not wanting to eat or socialize much, and the weight loss was rapid & alarming. The medication kept changing, trying to find the “right fit”. Bug just kept getting worse & worse. That is when I said, “Enough is Enough”! I felt like I was losing my child! We stopped going to the therapy sessions and I took Bug off the medication.

I truly believe that those adolescent years for Bug was what I now call “experimental drug therapy”.

We Have Been Dangerously Conditioned

Sadly and regrettably, I never took the time to look for an alternative way and Bug was the one who suffered at the hands of his mother’s neglect and those we are conditioned to put our trust in. Granted, this was many years ago but, from other more recent experiences, most doctors will not even discuss an alternative to prescription drugs. That makes me very sad not to mention very pissed off.

My Own Personal Experience

Just a few short years ago, I experienced a mild heart attack. My physician put me on a ton of medication that I took for a short time. I will never forget how disturbed I was the day she told me that with proper diet, nutrition, and exercise, I would someday be able to get off all the meds. So why the hell wasn’t I told this BEFORE she suggested the common solution to my problem, manufactured medication!

That very day, I began education myself on the side effects of the prescriptions commonly given to heart patients. Let me tell you, it scared the shit out of me! The side effects & long term damage is quite alarming.

That was the beginning of my journey to all natural, God given, alternatives to the dangerous crap the doctors are so willing to push on people, without a conversation about an alternative first!

Back to My Bug

Bug struggled for many years. Even though there was a physician & therapist diagnose’s of ADHD, and undeniable proof of the struggles Bug was showing with grades, testing, and participation, the school system would not appoint an IEP.

Sadly, due to frustration, a lack of concentration, and confidence, Bug dropped out of school before graduating from high school. If only I would have known then what I know today about the benefits of CBD and ADHD!!

My Urgent Plea To You

Don’t be naive like I was. There is never a good excuse for not being educated. Do not take for granted the power within yourself to protect your children.

Be a responsible parent and know the options you have available to you.

As I have grown older & wiser, I now realize that it up to ME, as an adult, to make decisions based on facts, science, and medical evidence. It is up to YOU, to make educated decisions for the well-being of your child/children.

If you have a child that has been diagnosed with ADHD, please take the time to watch the video below to learn how CBD can help your child, without side effects that can hinder or harm him/her for many years to come.

The information that you are about to see is not intended to replace the advice of your doctor. I am just giving you some information & encouraging you to Speak Up & Have A Conversation!

You have the freedom, and now have the power, to discuss an alternative to prescription drugs with your child’s physician.

It’s Time For Some CBD Education

Take a potty beak, let the dog out, grab a beverage, and get comfortable. It’s time to be educated on how CBD can help with ADHD.

I am here to support you. Please reach out to me (leave a comment below the post) if you have any questions or if you seek further information.

How CBD BioCare Came To Light

Co-Founders Matthew & Stacey Pitts Gets Personal

After months of researching for a CBD Company to partner with, I came across these two amazing people and immediately fell in love with them both. Their passion and compassion for this industry, their partners (we are actually more like family), and one another is what inspired me to join them in our quest to change lives one bottle at a time.

Up Close And Personal With Matthew & Stacey Pitts

View Our Mission Statement Here ===> CBD BioCare Mission Statement

Who Hasn’t Heard Of CBD?

I know that there are not very many people who hasn’t heard of CBD by now. Good lord, everywhere you look, there is another CBD company selling their products where-ever! Gas stations, grocery stores, freak’n pizza shops, and even the dang hardware stores. Oh yes, and let’s not forget about the internet.

Are Your Medications Supervised?

People taking prescription drugs legally, are prescribed by physicians right? They assess your condition, recommend the drugs they wish you to try, then continues to supervise your progress. The doctor may lower or higher the dosage. He/She may even change your prescription at his/her discretion.

Why Is CBD Any Different?

At CBD Biocare, my partner company, there isn’t much difference in taking CBD or prescription drugs when it comes to support.

Our motto is “Changing Lives One Bottle At A Time”. Why just one bottle at time? We believe in making a personal connection. Education and Support for our friends are of up-most importance. Your not just a client, you become part of the family.

<p value="<amp-fit-text layout="fixed-height" min-font-size="6" max-font-size="72" height="80">You can spend countless hours scouring the internet for information about CBD and what is the best option for you or – I can assist you with the backing of many doctors, practitioners, acupuncture physicians, holistic health coaches. You can spend countless hours scouring the internet for information about CBD and what is the best option for you or – I can assist you with the backing of many doctors, practitioners, acupuncture physicians, holistic health coaches.

Say Goodbye To The Naysayers!

Walk Away From The Naysayers

There is amazing science and research to back up the evidence that CBD is not your run of the mill drug (it’s not even really a drug) no matter what the naysayers are saying. The trick is to find a reputable company, with a quality product, and a support system to back you every step of the way.

Click here for πŸ‘‰ More information about CBD BioCare

As always, here at Holistic Health Options, you are always welcome to leave a comment in the section below or you can use the Contact Page to reach me directly.

Vaccinations – On The Road To Losing Our Rights In the U.S.A

This post is about losing our personal & parental rights in the U.S.A. It’s about freedom and the overstepping of government officials who are going against the Constitution that states this is not LEGAL. It is not about your own personal feelings about whether or not you should vaccinate.

Six States Removing Exceptions

  • Illinois – has a couple bills, one is to mandate HPV, another bill SB 3668 is to remove religious exemptions and allow for minors to consent on their own to vaccines.
  • Colorado – has bill SB 163 going into Senate that removes exemptions and discriminates/mandates review of those choosing not to vaccinate or delay them.
  • Massachusetts – has a couple bills to remove religious exemptions, get approval from the government for medical and religious exemptions, mandate HPV and allow minors to consent on their own.
  • Minnesota – Recently introduced, Bill SF 1520; to remove exemptions
  • Iowa – bill HF 206 is out to remove religious exemptions – CORRECTION, THIS WAS LAST SESSION AND FOR NOW HAS DIED. (For Now!)
  • Florida – bill SB 64 That would remove religious exemptions and restrict medical exemptions.

Which States are next? What new bills can we expect in the near future with this pandemic we are facing not only in the U.S.A. but all over the world?

Feel free to leave updated or additional information in the comment section. If leaving your personal opinion, as always, please do so respectfully.

State Vaccine Recommendations

Take Responsibility For Your Health

It is not your doctor’s responsibility. It is not the government’s responsibility. Your health is YOUR responsibility, period! Doctors do not have control over what you eat, what you drink, nor the activities you choose to participate in. It is my strong opinion that the government should never be allowed to mandate any kind of treatment/vaccination against your will!

Who Is Your Doctor?

I am not asking for the name of your doctor, I am actually asking if you know who your doctor really is before putting you utmost trust him/her. What are his/her ethics (moral principles)? Is he/she the type of physician that is in-line with your own beliefs and convictions when it comes to your health? Does your doctor listen to you or would they be open minded to hear opposing treatments if you were to discuss it with them?

Should Government Mandate Vaccinations?

I stand firmly against government mandated vaccines. I will tell you just one reason why. I truly believe that we have a God given right to take responsibly for our own health. I believe that we will be losing that right as human beings if we allow any government entity to remove that responsibility that is rightly ours individually. This is a very controversial subject and I would like to here your opinion on the subject if done respectfully.

Ways To Take Responsibility For Your Health?

Because you are here and reading this, I think it is safe to assume, that you are ready, (perhaps like I, you already are), to take the steps needed to improve your health with a holistic state of mind.

Here are a few things that you can do to begin improving your health, it doesn’t matter what conditions you are challenged with. Our bodies & mind have the incredible ability to defend, rejuvenate, and restore optimal health, if given what is native to it & safe.

  • Clean Eating – Organic fruits & veggies. Walk away from processed foods.
  • Diminish Stress & Anxiety – CBD
  • Hydrate – The right amount of the right kind of water – AFH
  • Exercise – You don’t have to join a gym. Just move!
  • Remove Topical Toxic Chemicals on your skin