What Is Affiliate Health Club?

I am so excited to officially announce Holistic Health Option’s association with Affiliate Health Club! The company motto is “Experience Life Your Way”. It’s all about how YOU choose to live life.

Because life can become hectic & fast moving for most of us, the goal is help you achieve your own personal goals to a healthier you with unique products formulated by top-notch researchers, scientists, and health specialists.

The vision, of this new and upcoming company, that I have full confidence in is:

  • To Help you achieve optimal health in a very convenient, affordable, and natural way
  • Offering you an opportunity to share this experience with others!

What Does Affiliate Mean?

Affiliate means to associate yourself with people who have similar beliefs and goals to experience fellowship in a safe & trusted environment.

In general business terms, Affiliate means an attachment of one business entity to another.

Association & Attachment With Purpose!

At Holistic Health Options, we don’t just jump on the band wagon with what is popular for the times. Our agenda is pretty simple. Optimal health with non-pharmaceutical drugs and, an opportunity to supplement your income by helping others do the same!

I truly believe and have full confidence in our association with Affiliate Health Club because, I believe in what they stand for & I personally use the products myself.

“We believe in the power you possess to refocus your health and to choose the path to a better you.”

-AFH Club

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Published by Suzette Hershberger

Since taking steps away from western medicine, I have found great success at improving my health & well-being with more traditional medicine. Pharmaceuticals and OTC's (over the counter) are not your only options! If you are open-minded to the alternative's, I am here to help you make educated decisions for your transition.

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