If turning back the hands of time was possible, I would (in a heart beat) now that I know about CBD and ADHD. Here is my story about the effects prescription medication had on one of my children (who is now an adult) and what I would have done differently, if only I had known better.

Back In The Day

To protect the identity of my child I will refer to him/her as Bug. It wasn’t until about the first few years of elementary school that we began to recognize Bug was having some difficulties sitting still and concentrating while in the class room.

ADHD and CBD For Children

I remember one of the teachers telling us at a parent/teacher conference that Bug was such a good and kind child but was struggling to sit still and concentrate on the tasks of the day. Although a good kid, Bug was disrupting the whole class room.

She decided to allow Bug to stand at the desk when the urge to fidget arose. Now keep in mind, that wasn’t a very “conventional” way of doing things in the class room back then and many people felt that was not the correct way to handle the situation. If my memory serves me right, it helped for a very short time but, it wasn’t enough. 😥

Pediatrician & Therapist

I honesty thought I was being a great Mom by taking the kids to the Pediatrician for all their vaccinations…..UGH, all their sniffles & colds, and all their well-checkups. Little did I know back then, my decision to follow the pediatricians recommendation to send Bug to a therapist would bite us in the ass later.

At first, Bug seemed to like the therapist because he took the time to really get to know Bug. The Therapist was a very nice, soft spoken man who made Bug feel comfortable talking about day to day struggles. At first, I was hopeful. Bug was put on some medication and things seemed to be going well.

Periodically, we were instructed to get blood work done. I had no idea why and sadly I did not ask enough questions. Do you know why it is highly recommended to get periodic blood work to be done while taking certain prescription drugs?

I Finally Said “Enough Is Enough”

Enough Is Enough

We began to notice some undesirable things happening. Bug was becoming a zombie. Very little motivation, not wanting to eat or socialize much, and the weight loss was rapid & alarming. The medication kept changing, trying to find the “right fit”. Bug just kept getting worse & worse. That is when I said, “Enough is Enough”! I felt like I was losing my child! We stopped going to the therapy sessions and I took Bug off the medication.

I truly believe that those adolescent years for Bug was what I now call “experimental drug therapy”.

We Have Been Dangerously Conditioned

Sadly and regrettably, I never took the time to look for an alternative way and Bug was the one who suffered at the hands of his mother’s neglect and those we are conditioned to put our trust in. Granted, this was many years ago but, from other more recent experiences, most doctors will not even discuss an alternative to prescription drugs. That makes me very sad not to mention very pissed off.

My Own Personal Experience

Just a few short years ago, I experienced a mild heart attack. My physician put me on a ton of medication that I took for a short time. I will never forget how disturbed I was the day she told me that with proper diet, nutrition, and exercise, I would someday be able to get off all the meds. So why the hell wasn’t I told this BEFORE she suggested the common solution to my problem, manufactured medication!

That very day, I began education myself on the side effects of the prescriptions commonly given to heart patients. Let me tell you, it scared the shit out of me! The side effects & long term damage is quite alarming.

That was the beginning of my journey to all natural, God given, alternatives to the dangerous crap the doctors are so willing to push on people, without a conversation about an alternative first!

Back to My Bug

Bug struggled for many years. Even though there was a physician & therapist diagnose’s of ADHD, and undeniable proof of the struggles Bug was showing with grades, testing, and participation, the school system would not appoint an IEP.

Sadly, due to frustration, a lack of concentration, and confidence, Bug dropped out of school before graduating from high school. If only I would have known then what I know today about the benefits of CBD and ADHD!!

My Urgent Plea To You

Don’t be naive like I was. There is never a good excuse for not being educated. Do not take for granted the power within yourself to protect your children.

Be a responsible parent and know the options you have available to you.

As I have grown older & wiser, I now realize that it up to ME, as an adult, to make decisions based on facts, science, and medical evidence. It is up to YOU, to make educated decisions for the well-being of your child/children.

If you have a child that has been diagnosed with ADHD, please take the time to watch the video below to learn how CBD can help your child, without side effects that can hinder or harm him/her for many years to come.

The information that you are about to see is not intended to replace the advice of your doctor. I am just giving you some information & encouraging you to Speak Up & Have A Conversation!

You have the freedom, and now have the power, to discuss an alternative to prescription drugs with your child’s physician.

It’s Time For Some CBD Education

Take a potty beak, let the dog out, grab a beverage, and get comfortable. It’s time to be educated on how CBD can help with ADHD.

I am here to support you. Please reach out to me (leave a comment below the post) if you have any questions or if you seek further information.