Vaccinations – On The Road To Losing Our Rights In the U.S.A

This post is about losing our personal & parental rights in the U.S.A. It’s about freedom and the overstepping of government officials who are going against the Constitution that states this is not LEGAL. It is not about your own personal feelings about whether or not you should vaccinate.

Six States Removing Exceptions

  • Illinois – has a couple bills, one is to mandate HPV, another bill SB 3668 is to remove religious exemptions and allow for minors to consent on their own to vaccines.
  • Colorado – has bill SB 163 going into Senate that removes exemptions and discriminates/mandates review of those choosing not to vaccinate or delay them.
  • Massachusetts – has a couple bills to remove religious exemptions, get approval from the government for medical and religious exemptions, mandate HPV and allow minors to consent on their own.
  • Minnesota – Recently introduced, Bill SF 1520; to remove exemptions
  • Iowa – bill HF 206 is out to remove religious exemptions – CORRECTION, THIS WAS LAST SESSION AND FOR NOW HAS DIED. (For Now!)
  • Florida – bill SB 64 That would remove religious exemptions and restrict medical exemptions.

Which States are next? What new bills can we expect in the near future with this pandemic we are facing not only in the U.S.A. but all over the world?

Feel free to leave updated or additional information in the comment section. If leaving your personal opinion, as always, please do so respectfully.

State Vaccine Recommendations

Published by Suzette Hershberger

Since taking steps away from western medicine, I have found great success at improving my health & well-being with more traditional medicine. Pharmaceuticals and OTC's (over the counter) are not your only options! If you are open-minded to the alternative's, I am here to help you make educated decisions for your transition.

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