Take Responsibility For Your Health

It is not your doctor’s responsibility. It is not the government’s responsibility. Your health is YOUR responsibility, period! Doctors do not have control over what you eat, what you drink, nor the activities you choose to participate in. It is my strong opinion that the government should never be allowed to mandate any kind of treatment/vaccination against your will!

Who Is Your Doctor?

I am not asking for the name of your doctor, I am actually asking if you know who your doctor really is before putting you utmost trust him/her. What are his/her ethics (moral principles)? Is he/she the type of physician that is in-line with your own beliefs and convictions when it comes to your health? Does your doctor listen to you or would they be open minded to hear opposing treatments if you were to discuss it with them?

Should Government Mandate Vaccinations?

I stand firmly against government mandated vaccines. I will tell you just one reason why. I truly believe that we have a God given right to take responsibly for our own health. I believe that we will be losing that right as human beings if we allow any government entity to remove that responsibility that is rightly ours individually. This is a very controversial subject and I would like to here your opinion on the subject if done respectfully.

Ways To Take Responsibility For Your Health?

Because you are here and reading this, I think it is safe to assume, that you are ready, (perhaps like I, you already are), to take the steps needed to improve your health with a holistic state of mind.

Here are a few things that you can do to begin improving your health, it doesn’t matter what conditions you are challenged with. Our bodies & mind have the incredible ability to defend, rejuvenate, and restore optimal health, if given what is native to it & safe.

  • Clean Eating – Organic fruits & veggies. Walk away from processed foods.
  • Diminish Stress & Anxiety – CBD
  • Hydrate – The right amount of the right kind of water – AFH
  • Exercise – You don’t have to join a gym. Just move!
  • Remove Topical Toxic Chemicals on your skin


Published by Suzette Hershberger

Since taking steps away from western medicine, I have found great success at improving my health & well-being with more traditional medicine. Pharmaceuticals and OTC's (over the counter) are not your only options! If you are open-minded to the alternative's, I am here to help you make educated decisions for your transition.

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