I Kicked It In The Ass – With Water and Gel

Who doesn’t love a kick ass testimony? There have only been a few people (those who would truly understand) that I have shared this with until now. I don’t know why 🤷‍♀️, maybe because I didn’t think anyone else would believe me. But I can’t stress enough, this is the honest to God’s truth‼️

1,2,3 Let's Go!
Photo by Juhasz Imre on Pexels.com

The other night, as I was sitting at my computer💻 working. I began to get this, oh so familiar tightness in my chest. I tried to ignore it but it just kept getting worse and worse. My back started to hurt and my left arm was feeling funny.😔

A few years back, I experienced the same feeling that lead me to the doctors, then immediately to the ER 🚑, and months later, with bookoo medical bills and not much relief. 😡

This particular night, I managed to get to the couch to rest and do some deep breathing and relaxing. Guess What? It didn’t work! 😢

Just as I was beginning to go into panic mode 😲, thinking about waking up my husband and heading off to the ER again, I remember my blue bottle on the counter and gel in the medicine cabinet. 🤔

So I took another 2oz shot ( I had already had one in the AM) from that blue bottle of what I call “miracle molecules” of awesomeness on the counter and rubbed some “wonder gel” on my chest and laid back down. 🛌.

Within 5 minutes, I could feel the pressure subsiding. I laid there, maybe another 10 minutes, enjoying the peace, calm, and relief I was feeling, almost in total disbelief.

Peaceful On The Couch
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Was this an act of God? Perhaps. He is the ultimate healer! 👨‍⚕️🙌
Perhaps It was what I suspected, both the healing hand of God & giving my body something native that made the change?

I know that many people struggle with the thought of their insurance companies not covering non-pharmaceuticals. You don’t even want me to get into that subject (perhaps that will come at a later time 😉).

Personally, I seriously can’t afford NOT to give my body these “Miracle Molecules” 💦 that are native to the body for any health issues that I am experiencing.

I kicked it in the ass (this serious health issue) with out pharmaceuticals, tests, a hospital stay, and a shit ton of medical bills. The way I see it, I save a boat-load of money!


Published by Suzette Hershberger

Since stepping away from western medicine, I have found great success at improving my health & well-being with more traditional medicine!

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